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Christina Morgan, ND :: Uncaged Health

I have been on my own personal health journey since 2012.  After learning so much of the natural healing process for myself, I began to have a desire to help others in their own healing journey.  You can read more about my story here: My Story

Completed Trainings: 

-Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy (ND) Program // New Eden School of Natural Health

-Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis // Metabolic Healing

-Blood Sugar & Insulin Resistance Mastery // Metabolic Healing

-MTHFR, Methylation, & Biochemistry Master Course // Metabolic Healing

-Estrogen Metabolism & Methylation // Metabolic Healing

-Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Training Course (HTMA) // Mineral Mavens Academy

-Biohacker Training Program // Biosynergy Pro Health

-Dirty Genes Course // Dr. Ben Lynch

-Amino Acid Therapy // Motivated2Heal


-Balancing Sex Hormones Naturally // Motivated2Heal


-Detoxify & Rebuild the Liver // Motivated2Heal

-The Energy Blueprint System // Ari Whitten

-In Depth Insight to Organic Acid Testing (OAT) // MTHFR and Beyond / Elizma Lambert

-Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis // Metabolic Healing

-Intermediate Herbal Course (incl in 75 hour Entrepreneur Herbal Course) // The Herbal Academy

-RCCX & Complex Illness // Metabolic Healing

About Me: Inner_about
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